Our Covid-19 Response

Let me on behalf of our entire World End Imports team begin by saying that we hope you are staying healthy and are adjusting well through this difficult time for all of us. We are all hopeful that this is a short lived crisis and if World End Imports can be of assistance to you, please let us know.

We have many of your orders filed with specific ship dates. For all these orders, we request to ship them as planned so that we don’t incur a huge pile up of orders that must be ticketed and shipped quickly, once our lives return to normal. In an effort to help you through this difficult time, we would like to offer you net July 25 dating for all orders shipped on or before 25 May. We hope these extended terms will help to lighten the burden for you.

Here is a bit of advice from our vendors in China:

"We are almost over the coronavirus now, we’ve been staying-home without any personal contact for more than 1 month. So, please try your best to keep yourself away from strangers, wearing masks when go out and disinfect with 75% alcohol before entering your home from outside. Get your home air refreshed by opening windows regularly every day(1-2 times per day, 30mins per time). The most important thing is; Don’t be scared. We are fighting against the virus, not people, if we blame this virus on the people who get infected, they may more likely to hide their status of illness."

We are all facing challenging times and I would like to thank you all for the support, understanding and patience during this period of uncertainty.

With our very best wishes,

Nina Sensoy and Our World End Imports team